We Astronauts

by Alchemical Playgrounds

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Andrej Frančeškin - keyboards
Mako Lasič - drums, whistle
Samo Lasič - synthesizers and effects interfaced with a game controller

Recorded in Vrtojba, Slovenia, July 2013
Recording & mixing by Samo Lasič

Artwork by Maja Stenstam (palenuro.deviantart.com)
Story and design by Samo Lasič

In this experiment, Andrej and Samo in effect played a single instrument, i.e. a software synthesiser with heavily effected sounds. This instrument was interfaced with both a MIDI keyboard and a hacked game controller. This recording features also a “phantom guitar”, i.e. a semi-hollow electric guitar picking up the room sound. The recording is accompanied by a short story and a comic book style illustration.

Don't miss the story poster with illustrations and the album booklet available for download!

We astronauts - the story

The days are getting shorter and shorter.
They are testing all the equipment and eliminating the tiniest imperfections.

During night-time they are dreaming of new worlds and perfectly hospitable foreign creatures, sometimes waking up soaked in sweat with vivid sensations of all those small bites.

The rocket finally truly sails!
They aren’t sure about the past.
Is it memories of dreams or is it about some stories they heard long ago?

Stillness and silence.
Through portholes they stare.
Silhouettes appearing in the dark.

The astronauts try to get domesticated out there.
The brides, they are happy.

The heavily toothed naughty little creatures are snotting around, gathering in circles and rubbing against each other with excitement.
They are making sure that everyone is in sync.

There isn’t much time for celebration.
The orbit must be calculated in good time.
The next chance to catch the ride would come to late for them to ever return home.

Shaking and spinning with a persistent beat of sunrises.
The astronauts are on the verge of a nervous breakdown. The creatures are ecstatically grinning. Realisation comes gradually. They remain still and breathless with eyes wide open. The black background is sparking with hope.

Sailing through the passing years.
They are domesticated now.
On board with a whole bunch of otherworldly creatures - the real party makers!

…and the return orbit is approaching.

Back home, the astronauts gather in “the place”, reviving memories.

…and the long forgotten dream is theirs ones again.


released February 29, 2016




Alchemical Playgrounds

AP arises from the need to "Play" and capture the spontaneous flow of imagination.

AP thrives on an interacting agility of participants forming an open ended crew. Free improvisation combined with a playful experimental approach to creation is at the heart of this project. ... more

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